Why Traditional Therapy is Flawed


So you’re feeling depressed or anxious, you would do anything to feel your old self again. You start doing some therapy; invest a lot of time and emotion into it… But you still feel like crap, still trapped in depression and anxiety.


It’s because all current therapies have a major flaw that they overlook, a problem that it doesn’t solve. I’m not putting therapy down or telling you to stop it. There are some amazing options out there, but they do have a big limitation that’s holding them back from giving you symptom relief.

DON’T WORRY…I’m going to tell you what the flaw is. Although it’s a big limitation, it’s not hard or complicated to solve it… Good news!

When looking at how to relieve anxiety and depression and feel like your old self again, you have to use a well-rounded approach. The therapies out there overlook the physical problems these mental health problems create. They target the thought patterns, which is great, BUT all those nasty symptoms you are experiencing are the result of a physical problem…

I’m talking about what I call your ‘Hormone Harmony’, now there’s a little bit of science to explain, but stick with me – it might change your life forever.

I can explain this with 2 buckets…

I want you to imagine you have 2 buckets in your body (okay, maybe it’s not that sciencey). One is for your stress hormones (things like adrenaline and cortisol), the other is for your feel good neurotransmitters (these are chemical messengers in the brain, responsible for mood and emotion). Normally these are at a level that complement each other, hence the name ‘Hormone Harmony’.

Now, when you’re feeling anxious and depressed, the stress hormone bucket fills to a level the body can’t handle. The feel good neurotransmitter bucket begins to empty to a level where they no longer work or function correctly. This creates an imbalance in your hormone harmony. This is what creates the nasty symptoms you feel, like: –

    • Fatigue/exhaustion


    • Low mood and feeling hopeless


    • Anxiety, irrational fear and panic attacks


    • Stressed/angry/frustrated


    • Feelings of disconnection and numbness


    • Feeling emotional and sad


    • Fear of going crazy or losing control


    • Brain fog, confusion and dizziness


    • Feeling achey, almost flu like symptoms


There are far more than the ones above. You should always talk to a doctor if you’re experiencing any of these symptoms.

Have you ever wondered why sometimes you feel down or anxious for no rational reason? It’s because of your imbalanced hormone harmony, which will continue to be imbalanced even if your thoughts are positive.

The 1 flaw with traditional therapy…

As you can see, there is a physical problem. Traditional therapy doesn’t tackle this problem. This is it’s biggest flaw. That’s why you still feel your symptoms, as the problem that causes them has not been solved. Traditional therapy may help correct your behaviours and thought patterns, but your hormone harmony is still imbalanced, This is a real shame because it’s not complicated to solve this problem; it just takes a bit of consistency and a physical solution.

You just need to reverse the damage done to your hormone harmony. I have helped hundreds of people do this with something I call ‘Lifestyle Triggers’.

These are lifestyle changes that trigger a positive response to your hormone harmony. This might sound a bit simple, but they are incredibly powerful and they always work!

2 important ‘lifestyle triggers’ that correct your hormone harmony…

The 2 big ones I have used are exercise and nutrition, coming in from a different angle compared to normal workouts and eating patterns. Let me explain…

The exercise is short timely bursts of exercise that help to empty the body of stress hormones. The meals and eating patterns are designed to help the brain receipt those feel good neurotransmitters, therefore solving the physical problem of an imbalanced hormone harmony.

If you want to learn more check out this blog, ‘The 2 most important ‘Lifestyle Triggers’ that improve your hormone harmony and relieve depression and anxiety’.

Also, I have got something cool for you… If you want to learn the first thing I always teach people when I’m helping them relieve depression and anxiety. Check out this free guide to ‘Hidden Negative Trigger Foods’. These are the foods that feed depression and anxiety causing hormones.

Remember, if you are experiencing symptoms of depression or anxiety, always seek medical advice and talk to a doctor. These things are nothing to ashamed of. If you found this useful please like and share, as it might help someone else going through the same thing. We can beat depression and anxiety together.



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