Avoid Negative Trigger Foods

You’re feeling low and anxious, your hormone harmony is out of whack. What’s even more frustrating is your traditional diet is probably making your symptoms worse, as it’s increasing stress hormones further and upsetting your hormone harmony. Before you think I’m having a go at you, I’m not at all, it’s not your fault. There’s a lot of confusing information out there and confusing marketing. Let’s shed some light on the situation.

You’re probably thinking what’s wrong with a traditional diet and what is ‘nutritional balance’? Stay with me I’m going to answer both questions, and how you can start using ‘nutritional balance’ to relieve your symptoms now.

So, what are the problems with a traditional diet? I’m going to break this down into 2 points that clearly show you the problem.

When looking at these points remember this…

We all have what I call the ‘Power 3’ – hormones, neurotransmitters (chemical messengers in the brain) and nervous system. These 3 systems have the power to relieve symptoms or make them worse, as they regulate your ‘hormone harmony’ (this is the balance between stress hormones and feel good neurotransmitters). Your hormone harmony is responsible for symptoms of anxiety and depression.

-Traditional diets create an energy imbalance throughout the day…

This is mainly caused by ups and downs in sugar levels throughout the day. For example, breakfast is too imbalanced. Most people eat a breakfast that is imbalanced and over loaded with refined carbohydrates. This creates an up and down effect on your sugar levels. This puts stress on the power 3 as they try to balance out your sugar levels. I’m not for one moment saying carbs are bad, just that imbalanced meals are.

-Traditional diets create an imbalance of gut bacteria…

Often our diet is filled with what I call ‘Negative Trigger Foods’ these are foods that trigger a negative response to your hormone harmony. Some of these are too high in processed ingredients. This imbalances bacteria in the gut and disrupts how well the power 3 function through something called the gut-brain axis.

Your body is extra sensitive to dietary mistakes like this when you’re anxious and depressed. All these factors add up making your symptoms a lot worse.

But don’t worry, these mistakes a traditional diet cause can be avoided…

Now, this is where ‘nutritional balance’ comes in. It’s not too complicated, just a few changes to make. Plus it’s still really flexible as its about consistency, not perfection.

-Balance your meals…

Rather than eating unbalanced meals as I have previously explained, go for meals that have the correct balance of carbohydrates, fats and proteins, as this helps both brain function and the power 3.

-Avoid negative trigger foods…

I have spoken about these already. Cutting these from you diet will do your symptoms wonders. You can start doing this by cutting out processed foods.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of hidden negative trigger foods that you’re most likely eating and are making your symptoms worse. The problem is there is a lot of clever marketing and misinformation out there. Luckily, I’ve written a free guide to ‘Hidden Negative Trigger Foods’ which you can download now.

I hope you found this useful. Good luck with starting to implement nutritional balance to your own lifestyle.

Remember, if you are experiencing symptoms of depression or anxiety, always seek medical advice and talk to a doctor. These things are nothing to ashamed of. If you found this useful please like and share, as it might help someone else going through the same thing. We can beat depression and anxiety together.



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    You’ve got to be kidding me-it’s so trsrapanently clear now!

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